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I bought a container of Gillette shaving foam and it exploded.The explosion completely ruined my bathroom and cost me thousands of dollars in repairs.

The representative of Gillette who was handling my case very politely told me to go to ***. Fortunately I made pictures of the damage it caused to my home. The only lucky thing is that nobody of my family was in the bathroom at the time of the explosion.

Pieces of glass from the mirror and metal went straight through the door and the ceiling so you can imagine the force of the explosion, it was like a virtual bomb.The fact that they don't even have the decency to apologize for this really is beyond me.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1290355

Same with me

Surat, Gujarat, India #1222346

i m from india...same thing happen with me.


Are you sure it was actual Gillette and not a fake counterfeit?


It has happened twice to me in the same Gillette brand of shaving foam. It is very dangerous and I do not recommend these foam containers to anybody.


I believe you since just happened to use. Bottom crimp failed & went off like a rocket.


I'm from India same *** happened today in my bathroom bloody gillete.

Mountain View, California, United States #970649

Today I also noticed a Gilette can that had spontaneously started to leak foam, when I removed the plastic cap I noticed that severe rust had developed beneath it, even though I hadn't bought it that long ago. Never had this happen before.

Padua, Veneto, Italy #921591

I am from Italy. Entering into the bathroom I found shaving foams popped out of the can. I didn't know if it exploded or leaked, but it seemed quite strange.


Same explosioin in my house today


Can exploded in my shower stall also.Completely scored one of the tiles beyond repair and put two deep grooves in the ceiling tiles.

Scared the life out of my wife who was in the bathroom when it happened.

Gillete said they would pay for repairs but I have to find repair people, get estimates, be home to get these estimates and then be home for the repairs.Not sure I won't have leaks when the work is done so I have hesitated to get involved with it, even though my bathroom will never look the same.

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